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Why Should I Have
Professional Liability Insurance?

Malpractice and liability insurance has been on the "gotta-have" list for thousands of Reiki Professionals.  It is now available for energy workers, and only through the International Reiki Foundation!  For those struggling with the decision, or not sure why insurance is needed, below is a listing of many of the positive benefits that become available only with malpractice and liability insurance.

It is unfortunate, but we live in a very litigious society. Whether you play a role in the event or not, victims often seek to hold others responsible when injured. Even more unfortunate, the courts support many of these claims.

All it takes is for someone to slip on the ice outside your door, or fall while getting off your table, and you could be facing a major lawsuit. You want to focus on healing, but accident do happen and people do get hurt. Protect your self, your family, and all that you have built through years of hard work and dedication from financial devastation.

A major part of healing is supporting wellness. You supply your body with the proper nutrition that promotes internal vitality and health. You supply your body with the proper activities that promote physical strength and flexibility. You provide your mind and spirit with activities that promote mental balance and peace. Whether you do this to maintain and improve health, or to fight off disease, you are protecting yourself. Proper insurance supports the wellness of your practice by providing the financial resources, should they become necessary in a crisis. Whether you see this as fear-based (avoiding disaster), or as a proactive solution (drawing in the vital resources for wellness), the outcome is the same. We do this to promote the overall wellness of our practice.

Professional Liability Insurance is a way of standing behind your clients. Should something happen through your action or simply inside your office space and you are found liable, this is a positive way of ensuring a financial solution to the problem. We all do everything we can to prevent situations from happening. Having professional liability insurance is one more positive thing we can do in that effort.

In the event of an accident, your landlord may also be held accountable because the event occurred on their premises. Many landlords require that they be added as an additional certificate holder, extending your coverage to them, in the event that they also be found liable for damages.

In nearly every case, a Reiki Practitioner will be required to present proof of insurance before being able to work in a health care facility. In addition, the facility will generally also require that you add the facility as an additional certificate holder. This offers the facility the same protections as described above in Landlord Protection.

For Reiki as a whole to continue achieving its goals of playing a larger, more active role in public health care, we must actually become a part of health care -- embracing all of its rules and regulations, understanding that they are designed to protect the patient. Talk with any physician, chiropractor, clinic, hospital, hospice, or nursing home about working in their facility for pay or as a volunteer, and 9 times out 10 one of the first questions will be, "Are you insured?".

In the past, the International Reiki Foundation was refused opportunities to provide volunteer, compassionate care, because the volunteers were not properly insured. The insurance protecting the institutions we wanted to serve would not cover our activities. It is unfortunate, but it is reality. To participate in the International Reiki Foundation Community Outreach Program, you must have professional liability insurance. Not because the Foundation insists, but because the institutions we serve must make that demand to protect themselves against human error.

In Summary

Essentially, the personal decision boils down to this, am I willing to trade the equivalent training fees from one student, receiving one attunement, per year to have the security, opportunities, and professional advantages provided by protecting your practice with professional liability insurance. The International Reiki Foundation strives to stay in tune with the pulse of health care to help practitioners understand and adjust to the perceptions and factors by which we are judged, like it or not.

The Foundation can help outline the standards that will satisfy public and medical requirements. It is up to the individual practitioners to choose whether or not to evolve into these new opportunities. Evolution can be achieved only by having the courage to adopt the professional standards and responsibilities associated with claiming those positions of service and respect.


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