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"A short time ago, I participated in a Reiki Session. Initially, I was hesitant and doubted its effectiveness. To my surprise, I felt at ease. Within a short time, I was physically relaxed and mentally calmed.

When the opportunity arises, I will certainly take advantage of another chance to feel rested, and at the same time, invigorated."

Senator Mike Dmitrich
Senate Democratic Leader

"I had surgery for complex hemorrhoids (both inside and out) Friday afternoon. Prior to surgery, my doctor told me "after surgery you will wish you'd never met me" and that "the pain will be hell for four weeks." He did say that older women do better than anyone else, but because I had more incisions, he was certain I would have a horrendously painful recovery. Well, I haven't. I have to credit this to Reiki, because I'm also taking Loritab tablets much less than prescribed. I was prescribed Loritab 1-2 every 4-6 hours. The first full day, I took only 5. This was prior to the first Reiki treatment I received from Angie Harrison. The next full day (24 hours) I took only 4. The next day only 3. I honestly feel I'll be healed in one week, not four. Whether this proves to be true, only time will tell. But I'm feeling very very good. The doctor (Edward Eyring) also told me he will prescribe whatever amount of drugs I need, adding, "We'll get you through this. My office believes in drugs." First I was very relieved to learn he'll give me as much as I need, and next I've been relieved that I'm doing so very well with so few pain meds.

The first time I experienced Reiki was when a masseuse decided to do "energy work" (as she called it) instead of a full body massage. I'd been receiving full body massages since a bad car accident. This one day, she did only "energy work." I was skeptical at first and felt like I was going to be cheated out of my usual treatment and not feel better for it. I was wrong! When she hovered and then touched a certain area of my lower back, I started to cry. This was completely unexpected and very unusual since I won't allow myself to cry in the presence of anyone - sometimes even myself! She had released pent-up sadness in me. Not a word was said as I sobbed quietly and then relaxed again. When she was finished and I'd rested for a few minutes, I got up to dress and then leave and realized I felt better than after a full body massage. This really opened my eyes that something is definitely going on here. 

So, this is to say to any and all who may be skeptics, "try this." To have this kind of painful surgery and to feel as good as I do and to be doing as well as I am just days out, Reiki is an ancient gift that should be welcomed and respected."

Lynn Williams Barnette

"When my dog was injured, he had to have constant supervision for the 62 stitches he suffered.  I was able to treat him with Reiki, and he really seemed to comfort him.  He became relaxed, and happy.  My veterinarian said she was impressed be his healing and the skin's ability to heal so well.  I know it is due in part to the Reiki he received"

Angie N. Harrison
Stockton, UT

"When I received a Reiki treatment from Tim & Ian it was like being covered with a warm blanket.  The warmth started at the heart and spread until I was warm all over.  It was so comforting.

Reiki has changed my life.  I am so peaceful, balanced and happy that friends and acquaintances want to know what I'm doing.  When I tell them, they want to experience it too."

Connie Barnes
Lehi, UT


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