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One of the most wonderful things about Reiki is the capacity of sharing that can be involved with it.  You can share Reiki by sending Reiki or by treating someone personally.  If you'd like to develop these skills, enjoy a free Reiki treatment and want to meet like-minded people, then come and join our monthly Reiki Sharing Group and/or Reiki Practitioner's Group.

So what is a Reiki Share anyway?
A Reiki Share is a gathering of Reiki practitioners who join together for a combination social/healing session.  It can last anywhere from 3-4 hours or be an all day event.  It depends on who is hosting the share and how many people are in attendance on how long the share is.  The concept of a "share" is for practitioners to participate in giving and receiving Reiki in an atmosphere of friendship and love.  Participating in a share is a beneficial way of honoring one another as healers.  Reiki Shares are also commonly referred to as "Reiki Circles."  A share consists of many healing hands on one person at a time.  One person lies on a table and the practicing practitioners gather around the person laying hands upon h/her facilitating a massive flow of Reiki energies.  Group energies are often very strong and can be more deepening than individual sessions.  It is a wonderful and often profound experience!

Reiki Sharing Group
Please join us for an evening of Reiki sharing, connecting with others and a healing circle.  Bring your favorite finger food and anyone you know who would be interested in experiencing the gentle healing power of Reiki.  There are generally several Reiki practitioners working on each individual.  It's a wonderful chance for anyone to experience this healing energy.  Pre-registration is required a minimum of 3 days in advance.

  • Fee: by donation or love offering (not expected, but appreciated)

  • Dates: 3rd Sunday of every month, 1PM until we finish.

  • Location: Location Varies

  • Contact: Timothous Seaton (State-by-State Listing coming soon)


Reiki Practitioner's Group
A chance for practitioners to gather, work on each other, and discuss their experiences, or for the Reiki novice (those attuned to Reiki I) to come, observe, ask questions, and try a treatment in a safe and nurturing environment.  This is a great opportunity to share and to get to know each other, to put aside business competitiveness, and just be healers for the night.  Pre-registration is required a minimum of 3 days in advance.

  • Fee: by donation or love offering (not expected, but appreciated)

  • Dates: The date and time of our Reiki Practitioner's Group varies from month to month, as we try to accommodate the schedules of all those interested.  Nevertheless, the date and time should be listed in the news & events section of this site.


PRACTITIONERS PLEASE NOTE: ALL TABLE TREATMENTS ARE DONE IN SILENCE TO HONOR ALL PARTICIPANTS!  Remember that our goal is not to draw attention to our ego by telling another what is wrong with them.  We encourage wellness with our gentle gathered energies.


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