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2003 Retreat & Reiki Intensive
September 20 - 27

Experience intense positive energy boosts, revitalization and renewal amidst the wonder of what the Native Americans consider the spiritual vortex of the Southwest.  Join with Reiki practitioners from around the globe to share the peace and beauty of a personal healing seven day retreat & Reiki intensive.

Within a peaceful and loving environment the Reiki Retreat re-opens and deepens your channel for personal renewal and personal healing on all levels, spiritual, physical and emotional.

If you have ever participated in Reiki share groups and experienced the beauty and revitalization of sharing Reiki, even for a short time, you may have had a glimpse of the personal gains a seven-day Reiki Retreat can help you to achieve.

During your retreat your personal experiences may include:

  • A closer connection with your Reiki and spiritual guides.
  • Personal insights into blockages and limiting patterns.
  • Clearance and breaking free of your blockages and limitations.
  • Reconnection with the essential you on a deeper level.
  • Personal renewal and healing.
  • Clearer insight into your life's purpose.
  • A regained zest for life and living in a sustainable way.

The International Reiki Foundation makes no claims or judgments as to any particular Reiki lineage and the retreats are open to anyone who has been attuned to Reiki.

Whilst the retreat is not designed as a teaching retreat if you have not yet been attuned to Reiki, would like to attend, and wish to discuss Reiki training please send us an e-mail and we will be able to assist you.

Please e-mail us if you require more details or to receive registration forms and instructions.


The Venue
Angel Valley Ranch is a Spiritual Retreat Center located on the edge of Sedona. The 70-acre property is surrounded by National Forest.  As Oak Creek  meanders through the land and colorful red rocks radiate their magic, a secluded piece of paradise is created. Breathtaking views can be enjoyed from the hills around.  Truly a haven to relax, to heal, to gain insight, and to grow.

Special features are a 7-circuit labyrinth, elaborate trails with meditation circles on vortex spots and countless opportunities for nature hikes.


Accommodation is in canvas cabins (similar to Yurts).  The cabins present this close-to-nature and outdoor feeling, yet comfortable and safe.  Each cabin is carpeted, has electricity and two futon beds, made with pleasant linen.  A cooling unit makes the cabins comfortable in the hot season.


With the growing awareness of the importance of healthy food and to more fully experience the compassionate healing theme of the retreat we have selected a balanced healthy vegetarian menu.  Herbal teas and water are available in abundance.

Please contact us ahead of time if you have special dietary needs!


Sedona has the climate of the high desert.  This means an abundance of sun, little rain and huge differences in temperature all throughout the year.  The best time of the year to visit as to the climate are September - November.  You can expect blue skies and sunshine with pleasant temperatures. The daytime temperatures generally are in the 70-80's and because of the elevation (4100') the nights cool down to around 60.



Getting There
The retreat program does not include the cost of traveling to/from the Angel Valley Ranch.

The nearest airport is Phoenix, a 2-hour drive from Sedona.  Transportation to and from the airport is available.


Retreat Program
Your retreat has been arranged to allow you to gain the maximum benefit from giving and receiving Reiki energy over the seven day healing intensive. Remember when you are giving Reiki you are also receiving the benefits too.

The Reiki Intensive schedule is designed for you to enjoy Reiki and the stunning physical environment of the location, with plenty of time to share the joys with new friends and old.

Timings of activities (workshops, Reiki groups, etc.) have been provided as an indication only and are subject to change on site as circumstances and local conditions may warrant. We have chosen to start the Reiki intensive sessions early each morning so that the late afternoons are free for relaxation, reflections and journaling!

A complete program will be available on this site in March.  Please understand that we are still booking presenters and working out the final details.


Cost & Inclusions
Prices are in US Dollars.  Convert to your local currency by using the Universal Currency Calculator:
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$850 (if registered before July 2003)
$950 (anytime after July 01, 2003)

Note: Onsite space is limited!  If you are interested in attending please register as soon as possible to secure your position with the group.  Lodging will be available outside of the Ranch but at an additional cost to the participant.

Retreat cost includes:

  • Seven nights shared accommodation at the Angel Valley Ranch, Sedona, Arizona in the United States..
  • Full vegetarian breakfast, lunch & Dinner daily.
  • Participation in all workshops, healing groups, and meditations.
  • Group healing session(s) on the Hopi reservation.
  • and much more...


What to Bring
Water Bottle - Hiking Boots - Sun Protection - Binoculars - Camera - Journal - Casual Clothing - Light Clothing for the Daytime - Sweater for the Evening (just to be safe) - Healing Music/CD Player (for personal use)