If you need resource lists, this is the place! Click on the list you need and print it out.  You are welcome to make as many copies as you like and distribute them to any person that needs assistance. 

Remember that many of these services change phone numbers and addresses frequently.  We will update them as often as needed, but be sure to print out a new copy for distribution every six months.  Old and outdated information will only frustrate those seeking help.

If you have any suggestions, updates, comments or changes, please call us at 801.358.1808

General Community Resource List
This is our most popular list as it contains a cornucopia of services that are most requested.

Emergency Resource List
These resource lists contain information for families and individuals seeking shelter, food, and other basic resources.

Single Parent Resource List
These resources are for single parents.  If you have questions about a particular service, do not hesitate to call the agency directly.

Homeless Resource List
This is another of our most popular resource lists specific for homeless individuals.

Spanish Homeless Resource List
This is the homeless resource list translated into Spanish.  The agencies with an asterisk have confirmed that someone is available at their agency to speak Spanish.

Salt Lake Area Low Cost Housing List
This is a list of low income housing that is available to senior citizens and people with disabilities.  There are often waiting lists for these apartments, so be sure to call.

Youth Resources
This list contains resources specifically for the youth population.

ESL Resource List
(English as a Second Language) This is our most recently published resource list containing information about the various ESL classes offered in the valley, the schedules, fees, contact information and if child care is available to the participants.


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