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Directory of Reiki Practitioners & Therapists
A resource list of Reiki trainers, educators, health professionals, therapists and counselors.

Floridians For Reiki and Fairness Group
A citizen action group dedicated to reversing the Florida Board of Massage Therapy's illegal regulation of the spiritual healing modality known as "Reiki".

Healing Arts Network
Online reference to Alternative Medicine, Holistic Health and Shamanic Practice.

The Expanding Heart
A unique retail experience in Park City, dedicated to the transformation and experience of Consciousness through the heart.

International Campaign for Tibet
The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) is based in Washington, DC and is a tax-exempt, non-profit membership organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Tax Code. ICT works to promote human rights and self-determination for Tibetans and to protect their culture and environment

International Center For Reiki Training
The International Center for Reiki Training is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the re-establishment of Reiki energies in our modern world. It is through the attunement to higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness (REI) that we are able to properly guide our life energy (KI) to create positive results and affect positive personal and global change.

Marina Petro-Visionary & Healing Art-Intuitive Consulting
Marina's focus is to inspire experience that goes beyond the ordinary, to the transcendent. This site features her online gallery of visionary/healing paintings and prints, along with intuition tutorials, private consultations and free e-cards of her original oil paintings. Among the images are unusual angels, cosmic landscapes, the phoenix rising and beautiful gardens.

Reiki Council
The Reiki Council is the Professional Association for Reiki Practitioners. The Council is committed to providing exceptional training programs, serving our members with opportunities for learning, sharing, and networking with other Reiki Practitioners throughout the world, and serving our communities with Community Outreach programs.

The Reiki School
The Reiki School and Clinic  was founded in 1999- born of the desire to share the ability to heal oneself and others. Just as it was Mikao Usui's quest to share the knowledge of working with Universal Energy, it is also ours.  Our School is designed with the student's full understanding of methodology, history and practice as it's primary goal.  The Clinic is a place for client's to utilize Reiki as a very real complement to their traditional healthcare.  In short, we help people heal.

U.S Reiki Connection
The U.S Reiki Connection brings Reiki practitioners from the United States together for networking, support and continuing education. The U.S. Reiki Connection is open to all forms of Reiki as well as all levels of Practitioners, Teachers, and Masters.

The International Association of Reiki offers wisechoices in holistic training. Some of these wisechoices are Reiki and the Eagle’s Path Training Program.  Reiki is a spiritual discipline and energy medicine used in the promotion of relaxation, harmony, well-being and renewed health.

World Federation of Healing
The mission of the World Federation of Healing is to unite registered spiritual healers and healing practitioners from all complementary therapies, with traditional medical professionals for the purpose of offering a holistic approach to treat disease i.e.: addressing disharmony in body, mind or spirit.

The WFH seeks to make spiritual healing available throughout the world by attracting the membership of all holistic healers and traditional practitioners from all cultures, races and languages, thereby forming an international referral network of healers.


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