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Finding a Practitioner

You may have experienced Reiki sessions with a friend or family member and feel you now want to explore Reiki with a more experienced practitioner, or you may be new to the healing.  Either way, if you are to invest time and money in sessions with a professional Reiki therapist, it is worth spending some time seeking out someone who suits you.

You will be looking for someone whom you feel to be on the same wavelength as you.  Above all, your Reiki therapist should be someone whom you will be able to talk to easily and whom you can trust to help you progress in your development.

A personal recommendation from someone who knows you well is often the best way to find a good Reiki therapist, but you can also get in touch with professional Reiki organizations, like the International Reiki Foundation, and ask them to recommend a practitioner in your area.  An excellent source of information on practitioners operating around the globe is the International Registry section of this site.

Checking credentials
Because the basic techniques of Reiki are simple to learn and accessible to everyone, it is important to make sure the therapist has sufficient depth of experience.  Professional Reiki therapists should have completed at least level 2 and are likely to have an ongoing relationship with their own master.

You may like to ask what his/her lineage is.  All "legitimate" Reiki practitioners will be able to trace back their teachings in a direct line to Dr. Usui and be happy to explain how they are connected to the first masters.

NOTE: If a Reiki Practitioner cannot trace his or her linage for you, it is more than likely that they have not been properly trained.  If, they have been trained at all.  Unfortunately, there are a number of unqualified individuals representing themselves as something they are not.

The therapist's journey
It is also useful to know how long the therapist has spent exploring Reiki and progressing through the levels -- this can be a useful indication of how seriously he/she takes the healing.  Some people complete all three levels in a weekend course.  Many Reiki masters feel that this does not allow sufficient time for the necessary understanding and spiritual development to grow.

What to look for
A good Reiki therapist will have many of the personal qualities that you look for in a Reiki master. He/she should be friendly and open but professional and respecting of confidentiality.  You want, and need, someone who will be sensitive to your needs and who is willing to answer any questions you might have about the healing.  Above all, you want to feel comfortable about talking over any life issues you might have and to know that your therapist has sufficient experience and knowledge to help you.

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