The URF was organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, more specifically to be the advocate and voice for the Utah community of Reiki Practitioners, individually and collectively, in promoting and facilitating the role and function of Reiki Practitioners in providing high quality Reiki care in all aspects of professional and private practice.  Financial contributions of any size are appreciated as we serve rapidly growing communities.

Foundation Legal Fund - The URF has taken an active stand in fighting to keep Reiki free of unjust legislation.  The URF has played important roles in preventing or reversing unfairly restrictive legislation in Utah, Florida, Texas, and Michigan.  The Foundation Legal Fund is intended to provide the money necessary to continue this fight on a global basis.

There are still three states in the U.S. that have stripped the right to practice from thousands of qualified Reiki Practitioners.  Several more may be acting soon.  Only through your financial contributions can we win back freedom for these people.

Foundation Apprenticeship Fund - As stated, the URF was organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes.  As such, one of our objectives is to assist disadvantaged students in fulfilling their Reiki training.  This is done in hopes of providing those individuals with the necessary skills to provide primary or supplementary income.

Foundation General Fund - The URF's daily operations requires funding.  Our web site, promotions, phone service, and Rent, and various supplies all cost money.  Special community service projects and outreach programs must be funded in order for them to get off the ground.


Donations by check may be made to:

The Utah Reiki Foundation
Attn: office of the treasurer
1335 West 1220 North
Lehi, Utah 84043

To donate using a Credit Card or cash please contact the URF's treasurer, Mrs. Connie Barnes by clicking here.

Give through Yourself, not of Yourself!


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